NSGFA Executive

Please contact the relevant Board Member, Officer or Division Coordinator (listed below) directly for specific inquiries, requests or concerns related to their area of responsibility. For general inquiries and formal notices to North Shore Fastpitch, please refer to the Contact Us page.


Effective July 8, 2014:

Board of Directors

Position Name Phone Email
President Harvey Coxson 778-995-4270 president@nsfastpitch.ca
Past President Mike Boehm 604-988-7575 pastpresident@nsfastpitch.ca 
Secretary Marg LeSage 604 889 4041 secretary@nsfastpitch.ca
VP Finance Erik Niemi 604-505-9940 vpfinance@nsfastpitch.ca
VP Operations Casey Anderson (on request) 


Umpire-In-Chief Jeff Wilson 778-318-4910 uic@nsfastpitch.ca
Director-At-Large Scott Channell 604-988-6360 headcoach@nsfastpitch.ca
Director-At-Large Monica Crowe 604-922-6507 registrar@nsfastpitch.ca


Officers & Committees

Role Name Phone Email
Head Coach Scott Channell 604-988-6360 headcoach@nsfastpitch.ca
Registrar Monica Crowe 604-922-6507 registrar@nsfastpitch.ca
Scheduler Pete Terrillon 778-998-0858 scheduler@nsfastpitch.ca
Umpire Scheduler Kalina Dawes 604-339-5619 umpires@nsfastpitch.ca
Pitching Coach Isla Powell 604-988-0311 pitching@nsfastpitch.ca
Fields Manager Tom Cumming (coordinator)
Madison/Marilyn Laires (McCartney)
Equipment Manager Scott Channell 604-988-6360 equipment@nsfastpitch.ca
Uniform Manager

Sandra Karr (house)
Casey Anderson (rep)

Pitching Machines      
Concession Madison / Marilyn Laires 604-830-0163 concession@nsfastpitch.ca
Marketing Carolyn Wallner 604-921-1486 marketing@nsfastpitch.ca
Sponsors & Promotions      
Ball Toss Scott Channell 604-988-6360 headcoach@nsfastpitch.ca
Tournament Coordinator      
Event Coordinator      
Volunteer Coordinator      
Scholarship Committee     scholarships@nsfastpitch.ca
Gym Bookings      
Compliance & CRCs      
System Administrator Erik Niemi 604-505-9940 admin@nsfastpitch.ca
Rep Committee Rep Coordinator   rep@nsfastpitch.ca
District 4 Coordinator Scott Channell 604-988-6360 district4@nsfastpitch.ca


Divisional Coordinators

Division Name Phone Email
U6 (Blastball) Lisa Hammermeister 604-219-8445  blastball@nsfastpitch.ca
U8 (Mini Mite) Tia Creighton 604-961-9780  minimite@nsfastpitch.ca
U10 (Mite)     mite@nsfastpitch.ca
U12 (Squirt)     squirt@nsfastpitch.ca
U14 (Pee Wee) Erik Niemi 604-505-9940 peewee@nsfastpitch.ca
U16 (Bantam) Sandra Peters 604-924-0992 bantam@nsfastpitch.ca
U18 (Midget) Karen Jones 604-929-7630 midget@nsfastpitch.ca
U21 (Jr Ladies) Karen Jones 604-929-7630 jrladies@nsfastpitch.ca
Sr Ladies Scott Channell 604-988-6360 headcoach@nsfastpitch.ca
Rep Program Erik Niemi 604-505-9940  rep@nsfastpitch.ca